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New In Print … You need to hear about this one

One of the grandest aviation history books of the decade is now available. Here it is  … Cold War Shield: RAF Fighter Squadrons 1950-1960.

Fastidiously researched and written by Roger Lindsay, CWS is Vol.1 of an exotic new series. Subject matter? Spitfire, Tempest, Hornet, Mosquito and Meteor in post-WWII RAF service. Each aircraft type is described along with all the fine details of its service in each squadron/unit.

Roger lays the groundwork for CWS in a thoughtful Preface, Introduction and Foreword. Next, he explains the RAF’s air defence requirements as the USSR rises as a formidable Cold War enemy. In setting the scene, he describes the Soviet aircraft types that threatened the West in the 1950s. Nothing is missed by this experienced old hand from the world of aviation history research and writing (you ought to have Roger’s profiles about such types as the Venom, Javelin and Lightning).

CWS is a beautifully-balanced production, having all the features of an superior book — there’s nothing “thrown together” about this fine piece of work. CWS is printed on good quality paper, is well bound, has printed endpapers, 432 pages with 800 photos (most new to any book and many in colour) and several very useful maps. And this isn’t all.

Roger enlisted the skills of one of the most talented and experienced book designers, Alan Carlaw of Squadron Prints renown. There also are handsome colour profiles and some strikingly fine original paintings by Alfie Alderson. Other trimmings include a detailed acknowledgments list, glossary, appendix and bibliography. Talk about a lovely piece of work that would be a bargain at twice the price!

Cold War Shield: RAF Fighter Squadrons 1950-1960 is not to be missed. Get in early by ordering Vol.1. CWS is not available through CANAV. Instead, contact Roger’s distributor:

Wendy Myers, The Aviation Book Centre, 70 Westwood Road, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2AY, England.

CANAV Books introduces … Spartan: Seven Letters that Spanned the Globe

NB October 2013 … … No longer available at CANAV. See if you can find a used copy on the web … http://www.bookfinder.com maybe?

Long associated with Spartan Air Services of Ottawa, Norm Avery has completed a fine opus covering in detail the story of this world-famous aerial survey company. From Spartan’s 1946 originators — Russ Hall, John Roberts and Joe Kohut, backed by Barnet Maclaren — Norm describes now the company got its first work using Ansons, then quickly began expanding.

The fleet soon was booming with such types as the Dragon Rapide, Sea Hornet, P-38 Lightning, Mosquito, Ventura and Lancaster as photo mapping work came in involving the company across the Arctic and elsewhere in Canada, then internationally throughout the Eastern Hemisphere etc.

Spartan expands into helicopters first with Bell 47s, then Piasecki H-21s on Mid Canada Line duties. It also establishes a heavy transport division operating Yorks on the DEW Line. Norm describes all the excitement of these days, several of the company’s infamous accidents included — Mosquitos, Lightnings, Yorks and other types all come to grief from the Arctic to the tropics.

Spartan: Seven Letters ends with the demise of the company in 1972. This is a book certain to enlighten and entertain any aviation reader for years to come. 170 pages, softcover, photos. No longer carried by CANAV. Order directly from author Norm Avery at norm.avery@yahoo.ca