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Peter Anthony Holder interviews Publisher Milberry about The CAE Story

stuph_file_logoPeter Anthony Holder is a Montreal-based broadcaster who produces The Stuph File, a podcast that features an eclectic mix of interviews and news. With 20 years in the biz, Holder has interviewed celebrities, including Star Trek‘s George Takei and Lindsay Wagner, The Bionic Woman. He also features quirky stories, like the one about the person who has Hitler’s toilet, the guy who trains llamas to be golf caddies, and the founder of the Church of Jediism.

Holder helps the CANAV cause by interviewing Larry and promoting the work of CANAV Books, including our recent Aviation in Canada series.

Check out the latest interview, about The CAE Story here.


CAE Book Makes the Cross-Country Trip from Manitoba to CANAV

CAE Book arrival 18-8-2015 P1090300Bully for Friesen Printers of Altona and their friends at Day and Ross trucking for getting the CAE book (all 5 tons of it) delivered to CANAV at noon today!

Here is your publisher and author (moi) in the warehouse with the first book out of the box. Aviation in Canada: The CAE Story, as I see it, probably is my best effort since 1981 – tops among about 35 various titles (my expert bibliophiles will know what I mean). But …  The CAE Story is not a book for the faint of heart. It’s an in-depth history for the in-depth reader.
CAE Book arrival 18-8-2015 P1090304Who got to celebrate first today with The CAE Story? A bunch of fired-up Milberry types on the front porch of CANAV Books world headquarters — 51 Balsam Ave. in Toronto. This was actually a pretty fantastic little crowd to help me get such an important ball rolling.

For all you keen fans with your CAE book orders already in the CANAV “system”, your copy will be in the mail this week. For those of you who haven’t placed your order, you can purchase your copy online. Thanks as always for your great support and let me know what you think, OK!

All the best!


Summer/Fall Newsletter 2015 and … Introducing Aviation in Canada: The CAE Story

CAE cover

Dear Reader,

I hope that all goes well with you so far through mid-2015. At CANAV things are hopping, the excitement being all about being our new CAE history. Any fan of Canada’s great aviation heritage will revel in this exclusive production, the largest so far in our 7-vol. “Aviation in Canada” series.

CAE Mailing Piece

If you have the other titles, you’ll know what to expect (in case you haven’t yet treated yourself to the series, there’s still stock). FYI, The CAE Story is not an official company history. However, neither were our world-class bestsellers Canadair: The First 50 Years, De Havilland in Canada and Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story.

Order your autographed copy of The CAE Story online today!

If you’re looking for some great summer reading, be sure to peruse the new CANAV general booklist. Check out such hot additions as Fangs of Death (439 Sqn), Lost: Unsolved Mysteries of Canadian Aviation, A Life in Canadian Aerospace and My Life and Times at Canadian Airlines. Other great selections? Air Transport in Canada remains in print and still at a $60 discount. This mighty publication (1040 pages) is the world’s single heftiest aviation history title. Only a handful of Hugh Halliday’s Typhoon and Tempest: The Canadian Story remain, so if you want some truly exciting RCAF WWII reading, don’t miss out on this wonderful production — a real icon in the category of books honouring our wartime air and ground crew. Also down to the last few original copies is CANAV’s highly-touted Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story.

Another beauty that you’ll be sure to enjoy (and a bargain at $50) is Canada’s Air Forces on Exchange. Content-wise, this is one of the more far-out of Canadian aviation titles, e.g., in the “who knew” category. Here you’ll read about Canadians on exchange (or contract) from the USA and UK to such other nations as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway on such types as the B-29, B-52, B-57, C-17, C-97, C-141, Britannia, F-4, F-5, F-102, F-106, Gladiator, Lightning, Mirage and Nimrod. With hundreds of photos this book will open your eyes to an important (if little-known) aspect of RCAF history. Some of the excitement includes Canadian pilots ejecting from the F-100 and F-105, chasing a UFO in an F-94, bombing Mau Mau in Kenya, ditching in the Mediterranean in a Hastings, ferrying a Javelin from the UK to Singapore (one Javelin is lost in the Bengali jungles), ferrying a B-57 from the USA to Pakistan and an RF-4J from the factory in St. Louis to Japan, test flying the EuroFighter in its early days, flying Tornados in Saudi Arabia and crewing on secret missions in the WB-50, WB-57 and SR-71. This may sound like “Believe It or Not” stuff, but it’s all solid history!

Besides building up your personal library, you also might consider donating a CANAV volume to your local public/school library. Needless to say, a set of “Aviation in Canada” wouldn’t likely be turned down! A positive way of spreading the word and making a difference, eh. Final reminder … be sure to check out CANAV’s free book offer on p.4 of the main booklist.

Need to get in touch?

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As always, feel free to call or email any time for further info: (416) 698-7559 or larry@canavbooks.com.

And, as usual … good reading to one and all!

~ Larry Milberry, publisher