Great Summer Reading … Here are Three Important New Aviation Publications!

CANAV Books Spring/Summer 2018 Booklist is out!  For the very best in Canadian aviation history reading have a look! Highly recommend for front porch summer reading: Millardair and Me, Alberta Forestry Helicopters in Wildfire Management, Propliner 2018 Annual, The Captain’s Widow, Farm Boy to Fly Boy, The Noorduyn Norseman and The CAE Story. For the full list, click here (see p.4 for ordering details):  CANAV 2018 Spring_Summer List

Speaking of summer, Gus Corujo is doing his July-August rounds. Look what he reports (in his wonderful style) about new developments at Orillia, a pleasant drive north of Toronto. See:

Millardair and Me: A Young Man’s Journey from Turbulence to Triumph 242 pages, softcover, photos. $22.50 + $12.00 Canada Post (any 2 or more books flat rate of $16.00) + tax at 5% $1.72. Total 36.22 (International: US$30.00 postpaid anywhere)

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2 Millardair

Millardair and Me is Dennis J. Chadala’s outstanding narrative covering his first five years in the airline business in the 1980s. A former flight instructor barely wet behind the ears, Dennis hires on with Millardair, where eventually he becomes (as he puts it) Carl  Millard’s “Golden Boy”. He flies the Beech 18, DC-3, C-117 and DC-4 on endless cargo missions all over North America. Dennis has a breezy writing style that will keep you turning the pages. But be ready for a reality check. Millardair and Me is no love story, but the one about how young pilots flew rickety airplanes often having dubious log books. Pilots head into the unknown, since their boss doesn’t lose any sleep about such fundamentals as weather conditions, or cockpit checklists, is constantly at war with Transport Canada, and has no use for air traffic controllers. Millardair pilots are “along for the ride” every time they select “gear up”. In one of his near-death experiences, Dennis is on final at New York when his DC-4 begins porpoising uncontrollably. He and his copilot pull off another miracle – they get onto the runway as emergency vehicles stand by. In his words, this is “Another of those Millardair moments when … you rue the day you had ever heard the name Millard.” Put this new book high on your list for this summer’s reading.

3 Alberta Forestry

Alberta Forestry Helicopters in Wildfire Management 124 pages softcover, large format, photos. $30.00 + $12.00 Canada Post+tax 5% $2.10 Total $44.10 (International: US $40.00 postpaid anywhere) None other than Robert S. Petite, co-author of the magnificent Bell 47 Helicopter Story, has researched and written this wonderful new history of how Alberta embraced the helicopter in the 1950s, exploring and developing its potential in forest fire intervention. Starting with a brief history of the helicopter in Canada, Bob covers Alberta’s early forestry contracts with such operators as Associated Helicopters. He outlines how Alberta steadily adapted the helicopter to help battle its devastating annual forest fires, then eventually developed its own fleet of Bell 47Js and Jet Rangers. Beautifully produced, fastidious in detail, this is an important title for aviation bibliophiles everywhere.

4 Propliner
Also now available … Propliner 2018 Annual This spring Propliner of the UK published its spectacular Annual”. If you have an interest in the great prop planes of years gone by – many of which are still flying – this wonderful publication is for you. Catch up on recent general goings on with such types as the Avro 748, Beech 18, Convairliner, DC-3, Electra, F-27, Heron, PBY, Twin Pioneer, etc. Then enjoy special features covering such important propliner topics as Air North of Whitehorse, Sproat Lake activities (Mars, Goose, Beech 18) and the seemingly indestructible AN-12. What else? There are reports about the DC-3 and DC-4, news recent DC-6 happenings in Hawaii, BOAC’s Constellation fleet, the recent demise of the P2V Neptune fire bomber, what one DHC-3 Otter is doing in the South Pacific, Convair operations yesterday in Australia and today in New Zealand, the Sandringham flying boat in the South Pacific, current news about a C-97G that’s back  In the air. All packed into a fantastic 132-page collector item. You’ll enjoy every page — guaranteed. $28.50 postpaid in Canada.

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