Air Cadet Camp at Trenton 2017

Blog Air Cadets #1On August 18, 2017 some 300+ Ontario Air Cadets paraded at RCAF Trenton at the end of their exciting and challenging 2-week summer camp. Base personnel, families and others turned out to cheer them on. 

Blog Air Cadets #2Air Cadets proudly show off their sharpness and enthusiasm at Trenton after a year of dedicated work with their home squadrons, punctuated by their intensive summer camp.

Considering all the requirements and benefits, there are few youth programs in Canada that come close to Air Cadets. This year it was fantastic having three Milberry teens as members of 330 “Danforth Tech” Air Cadet Squadron. One was lucky enough to attend summer camp at RCAF Trenton. Here the cadets were kept busy from dawn to dusk each day with classroom studies, sports, touring the RCAF museum, having a familiarization flight in a 437 Sqn A310 Polaris and much more.

Blog Air Cadets #3The Air Cadet band at the Trenton summer camp graduation parade on August 18 (a few Sea Cadets made it in and bully for them, right). Some of these young musicians will go on to lifetime careers in music, thanks to Canada’s incomparable cadet movement.

Air Cadets give young Canadians nothing but opportunities. Each learns to co-exist and co-operate with his/her peers and officers. All the basics of good, solid Canadian citizenship are front and centre. Boys and girls from all ethnic groups and religions get to know and respect each other. Each finishes summer camp with a sense of accomplishment, and with renewed self-confidence and keenness to see what comes next back at their home squadrons in September.

Blog Air Cadets #4Blog Air Cadets #5The Air Cadet flights are inspected at Trenton, as hundreds of proud parents and other supporters from all around Ontario enjoy the proceedings.

Blog Air Cadets #6Trenton’s base commander, Colonel Mark Goulden, after inspecting the flights. He finished with an encouraging talk emphasizing the value to Canada and to each cadet present of the Air Cadet movement. Colonel Goulden spent his flying career as a C-130 pilot

Summer camp challenges each cadet to his/her limits, whether on the parade square, in the classroom learning such fundamentals as aerospace technology, playing team sports, etc.

Meanwhile, each already has been training with his/her home squadron, where the emphasis is on discipline, citizenship and life skills. They’ve experienced such challenges as outdoor survival weekends, learned music fundamentals in the squadron band, been on spring break cross-country field trips, had their first experiences in the air, even earned their gliding and fixed-wing pilot licences.

In my opinion (not to downplay Army and Sea Cadets) the Air Cadet movement is Canada’s best government-funded youth program. Talk about tax dollars well spent! If you have a child or grandchild aged 12-14, that’s the time to get them started in Air Cadets. Even a year or two with a squadron will be one of their best all ‘round opportunities to develop into leaders and role models. They’ll be tomorrow’s solid Canadian citizens, no doubt!

Blog Air Cadets #7Blog Air Cadets #8Air Cadets during the march past at Trenton, where Station Commander Colonel Mark Goulden took the salute. Air Cadets are a microcosm of Canada today. Each member is proud to wear the uniform, while enjoying all the benefits.

Blog Air Cadets #9Thirsty cadets swarm the water coolers after a tough slog on the parade square. Soon they boarded their buses for home, fit and ready to get back to school and cadets at summer’s end. See for further information. Cheers … Larry Milberry



One response to “Air Cadet Camp at Trenton 2017

  1. My son is in that graduation parade somewhere as a Staff Cadet. This was his last act as an Air Cadet before heading off to Canadore College to study aircraft maintenance.

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