2017 Spring-Summer Booklist is here!

Introducing CANAV Books’ 2017 Spring/Summer book list! You’ll find the best in Canadian aviation and general military/transportation reading. Download it here and have a look. Then get in touch when you find what you’re looking for!

Canada Post update I haven’t commented for a while about Canada Post, so here are a few notes. I wish I had a better review than last time, but no such luck, sad to say. For the past year or so mail delivery in postal code M4E remains spotty. Some days mail, some days no mail, various letter carriers on the route, who knows what time the mail will arrive, etc.

CANAV still regularly receives its neighbours’ mail and and vice verse. Apparently, being able to read is not a requirement for getting a letter carrier job at Canada Post.

This week Canada Post outdid itself by mis-delivering the same piece of first class mail to me for the third time. This item arrived a week ago, so I dropped it back into system. Then it came back to me two days later. I again re-posted the letter. Today (March 27) I received the same letter yet again. The addressee isn’t anywhere near 51 Balsam, and the postal code is not even close. So, what’s the story Canada Post? This time I’ll have to do your job and take a walk up to my distant neighbours’s place to make sure she gets her first class mail. Is there something like a Darwin Award for which we can nominate Canada Post?

3 responses to “2017 Spring-Summer Booklist is here!

  1. Sharon & Paul Wagenaar

    Larry, thanks for the list. I have most of your books, but I am looking for a copy of the CF-100 but can’t find a copy anywhere, do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks, don’t every stop writing.


  2. Larry (& Paul) I have a 1st edition I can part with if you’re interested.
    The dust jacket has a little discoloration and a slight bit of edge wear in a couple spots, no tears or missing pages, no notes or other writing on any pages.
    It has the 1st edition Errata addition in the back of the book.
    I’m open to offers.

    Bill Bailey

  3. Well, it seems the Canada Post has a high success rate of training consistency with all its letter carriers and you are correct, you don’t have to read what you deliver. My letter carrier repeatly gives me my neighbours mail and when I stop him to ask why (?), he blames to sorters… always somebody else’s fault, horse feathers I say!!!
    Imagine boarding a flight at YVR ticketed to YYC and landing in YEG… So, just like posted speed limits that drivers pay no attention to, it’s a sign of our times… sad… my suggestion, email!
    Rick R

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