CAE Book Makes the Cross-Country Trip from Manitoba to CANAV

CAE Book arrival 18-8-2015 P1090300Bully for Friesen Printers of Altona and their friends at Day and Ross trucking for getting the CAE book (all 5 tons of it) delivered to CANAV at noon today!

Here is your publisher and author (moi) in the warehouse with the first book out of the box. Aviation in Canada: The CAE Story, as I see it, probably is my best effort since 1981 – tops among about 35 various titles (my expert bibliophiles will know what I mean). But …  The CAE Story is not a book for the faint of heart. It’s an in-depth history for the in-depth reader.
CAE Book arrival 18-8-2015 P1090304Who got to celebrate first today with The CAE Story? A bunch of fired-up Milberry types on the front porch of CANAV Books world headquarters — 51 Balsam Ave. in Toronto. This was actually a pretty fantastic little crowd to help me get such an important ball rolling.

For all you keen fans with your CAE book orders already in the CANAV “system”, your copy will be in the mail this week. For those of you who haven’t placed your order, you can purchase your copy online. Thanks as always for your great support and let me know what you think, OK!

All the best!


One response to “CAE Book Makes the Cross-Country Trip from Manitoba to CANAV

  1. Good on ya Larry! Looking forward to it and possibly another beer on that very same porch someday!

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