Keeping Current with Canadian Aerospace: From Baddeck to the ISS

Skies Cover We’re really swamped with information – it’s a day-by-day battle to keep current with what we need to know, especially with the subject matter that grabs us personally. This means we have a lot of stuff to filter out, right.

It seems as if most who follow aviation are leaning on the web for basic data, but many good paper sources still beckon, whether books, magazines or journals. Those on the ball are using all these assets. Here are some of my favourites.

In magazine form and free on line is Skies Magazine, Canada’s leading aviation and aerospace periodical from Mike Reyno’s MHM Publishing in Kitchener. See to subscribe to the spectacular bi-monthly Skies. It’s a bargain at CDN$23. Skies Digital is free for your first two years, while daily-informative Skies News is free. No arguments with these, eh. Skies will keep you current in all areas – industry, airlines, RCAF, recreational flying, you name it and just what you need. If you’re in the rotary world, go to, also from MHM.

2 Air Force Magazine OVuyd7Ylqd1WOI1xDlz0oeWqJEhejDsZyTo8hXW0J5p7xzwzQkxJv_veI0pFoJPoXKHLeDhak9Rae-8OPu3s9uWiP8qsbSG2M_B3VkHr1UjjFWTmZwpjqOsrxRSbiKOpdu9ymmxmdlvcIc65sew-fTORRmdc_6R631_8Qw6a4sHGXTVjpI3rnU4X1mG5lppdCZzzSMIf you want more RCAF info than all the other niche sources, you need a subscription to Air Force Magazine. Always packed with on-the-spot RCAF developments, plus important RCAF historical articles, Air Force is a fantastic publication. See for all the info and set up your subscription. Go on … just do it!

3 CAHS Journal Midst a long list of Canadian aviation publications, another especially stands out: The Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal. Fans owe it to themselves to get a membership and keep it current year after year. I’ve been a member since 1963 and have a full set of those invaluable CAHS Journals to attest to my brilliant decision to join 52 years ago. For a nominal annual membership fee you receive four outstanding journals packed with coverage of all aspects of Canada’s fantastic flying heritage. So no more excuses or procrastinating, folks … get on board with the CAHS.

This year’s CAHS annual convention takes place in June in Hamilton. Naturally, a day at the astounding Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is on the program. This year’s main theme is Canada’s aircraft industry since 1909. See for membership and convention info.

Now you’ve got the good gen. These are really essential publications for anyone seriously interested in Canada’s aviation and aerospace scene. Be part of it, eh!



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