Incredible adventures of the Norseman con’t…

Blog Norseman CF-HCBNew Norseman material emerges pretty well daily. Recently, Aric Aldrich sent me this classic Norseman scene captured (location unknown) in May 1956 by Leo Kohn, an early post-WWII airplane photography hobbyist. CF-HCB began in July 1944 as US Army UC-64A 44-70303. A year later it became NC33177. After its brief US civil career, it migrated to Canada in 1953. This is the very Norseman in which Carl Crossley force-landed in the Arctic just a few days after Leo photographed it. HCB was lost through the ice, but Carl was rescued. This is one of the many incredible adventures related in Aviation in Canada: The Noorduyn Norseman, which you can order online  here (Vol. 1) and here (Vol. 2).

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