Summer Special: Air Transport in Canada

ATC-FrontAt CANAV Books, we like to beat the heat with a good book on the porch – and maybe a beer in hand. To help your summer reading along, we’re running a special promotion: if you don’t yet have your set of Air Transport in Canada, here’s the chance to fill that gap in your aviation library. Usually $155, “ATC” presently is $60 off, so get your set at $95 (add $15.00 shipping & 5% tax in Canada, for US and overseas please send me an email to get your shipping cost) This will be the largest title in your aviation library –- 9 x 12-inches, 1040 pages, 5 kg, hardcover, 3000+ photos. Spread throughout is the grandest coverage ever of this topic especially of bush flying (tons of Norseman coverage), the airlines and the RCAF. Cheque or PayPal – we’re easy breezy 🙂

Sixty Years … Final Copies Now on Special

Attention … especially Serving Members of the new RCAF. Here’s a very serious offer on the 90th anniversary of the RCAF! Sixty Years: The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984 is still available after 30 years. This grand 480-page, large-format, hardcover that’s never a second out of date tells the story of the RCAF in its glorious 60th year. Beginning with some solid background from WWI and   1920s, this fabulous tome ends just as the CF-18 and Aurora are entering service. Well, guess what… those two amazing airplanes are still hard at work!

If you don’t yet have your copy of this fantastic “all in one” RCAF sourcebook, jump in now and get one of the final 300 from the grand total of 23,000 copies done in 5 printings. Serving Members owe this one to themselves … you’ll never again have to wonder about any of the fundamental history of your proud organization.  Sixty Years is where every reader starts for basic RCAF history: early days, interwar, WWII, postwar to modern. 800+ photos, 95 exclusive colour profiles. Notes Aircraft Illustrated: “one of those all-too rare aviation books … a delight to read and a joy to possess and to treasure… superbly produced and printed and is likely to become a classic collectors’ item … a masterpiece.” Well, what can a publisher say!

In its infancy, Sixty Years had one special, thundering moment, when I was interviewed on “Morningside”  by Peter Gzowski back in ’84. Just to get on Peter’s show was a major coup, but this was one topic Peter could not resist (today there is zero interest at the CBC in any such publication). Peter began his 7-minute chitchat by holding high his copy of Sixty Years, then dropping it on the table — the aviation book “thud” heard around the world! Peter wanted his listeners to appreciate this book not just for its content, but also for its 5-lb heft. He then reminisced about boyhood days scanning the wartime skies filled with yellow RCAF training planes. That was quite the day for tiny CANAV Books and sure helped get the ball rolling for me. Years later people were bringing up the topic as if it were yesterday. One day the great Bob Fowler excitedly told me how he had “recently” heard me on the CBC while he was on a Dash 7 test flight over Lake Ontario. I had to remind Bob how that had been 20 years prior! Here again are the basic book specs! 480 pages, large format, hardcover, app’x, biblio, chron, index. $60.00 sticker price. Resist no longer … just $30.00 today, autographed copy. Add $12.00 for Canada Post + 5% tax. USA and overseas, contact CANAV for your shipping rate.

PS … more good word about CANAV’s recent Noorduyn Norseman books. In its April 2014 issue, AIRWAYS: A Global Review of Commercial Flight ( proclaims how Norseman Volume 2, “Describes the bushplane’s career since 1950 in the same painstaking detail as Vol.1. As well as coast-to-coast Canadian coverage, the Norseman in the USA and Americas, Australia and Europe is included, plus a lavish section on today’s survivors: workhorses, personal transports and museum displays.” Scroll back a bit for more Norseman revelations. Be sure to have these limited-edition collectables in your aviation library!

Good reading to one and all, eh … Larry

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