*UPDATE* The Peasantry Is Grovelling for Its Mail

To: Canada Post CEO Deepak of the $500,000 annual salary.

Dear Sire,

We peasants out here would be ever so grateful if you could organize your people a bit better. Please do whatever’s necessary to get them bundled up and out on their walks, braving our great Canadian winter, as in days of yore, to deliver the Queen’s mail.

Down here in M4E delivery remains hit-and-miss long after the ice storm, good sire — no mail today January 24, none yesterday. How can CANAV Books serve its customers (or stay in business), when Canada Post is on vacation, “or whatever”,  oblivious to the nation’s welfare?

This good taxpayer in Newmarket is also up against it (I like her part about the contract … good one, eh!):
Canada Post Letter TorStar 23-1-2014
P.S. Paging CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) … any chance y’all might be able to assist with a bit of creative initiative in getting some regular service at M4E, lest His Royal Highness Deepak in Ottawa is too busy with more important duties? 
Thanks again to the Toronto Star for exposing Canada Post back on January 9 and 10: “Canada Post Scrambles to Restore Service”, “Chopra Keeps Quiet on Delivery Delays”, “Canada Post, Pearson Fumble Crisis Control”, etc. But the Star shouldn’t quit on this topic — there’s likely a bigger, nastier side to what’s on the surface.
P.P.S. I wrote to my MP about this important issue and quickly received a personal response. So bravo to MP Kellway, right! Here is his informative reply:
Thank you for contacting our office about this important matter. My staff has had many calls from constituents about not receiving mail consistently, and they are looking into this and keeping track of the postal codes that are affected.  One of the replies that Canada Post has been giving when we enquire about lack of delivery is that letter carriers have been sick and not been replaced. This is unacceptable as a practice, given that as you point out, lack of delivery impacts both individuals and small businesses.
On January 28, Olivia Chow made the following statement on the defeat of her motion to maintain door-to-door delivery:
“For over a century, Canadians have depended on Canada Post. With Conservatives’ approval, Canada Post executives are planning to cut mail delivery, hike prices, reduce rural post office hours and kill jobs. A responsible government would have proposed solutions to improve service and attract new customers. Other countries have utilized innovations such as e-commerce and financial services to generate more revenue. Now under the Conservatives, Canada will be the only G7 country without door-to-door mail delivery.
New Democrats know that reliable, affordable and accessible mail delivery is vital to Canadians. This is why we immediately recalled the Transportation Committee for an emergency meeting to review the implications of Canada Post’s disastrous decision. Today NDP’s motion generated a full day of debate in the House of Commons in support of the maintenance of this valuable service. By voting against the NDP motion, the Conservatives are ignoring the wishes of ordinary Canadians and small businesses. Instead, they are listening only to Canada Post’s CEO, who claimed that seniors need to get more exercise to pick up their mail. What nonsense.”
If you would keep track of the days that you do not receive mail, that would be useful information. Thank you for writing to me, and thank you for your kind words. Matthew Kellway, MP  Beaches – East York www.matthewkellway.ca

For February 3, 2014, folks, Canada Post got the mail delivered to CANAV Books at 2100 hours (9:00 PM). When I looked out, I saw the letter carrier navigating with a flashlight, so it really is a sitcom these days with Canada Post and CUPW (which has not responded to my challenge).

CANAV received zero mail on February 4, no surprise, since the weather was a teenie bit off. For the 5th, somehow Canada Post/CUPW miraculously arrived here about 1700 hours with a hefty load of pizza flyers. Great, eh … pizza flyers at about $50-$75 per hour in labour cost to the taxpayer. So thank you ever so much Deepak Chopra and CUPW, you’re real Canadian heroes and we small business enterprises can sleep peacefully.

Trick question: Is the sound of Canada Post and CUPW delivering the mail Canada’s sound of freedom? Not sure, but for the USA that would be the roar of the crowd at the Super Bowel or the Thunderbirds going into afterburner at the CNE airshow.

For February 6, 2014 your poor old scribe blogs: CITY News in Toronto has done an excellent report  http://www.citynews.ca/2014/02/05/exclusive-complaints-of-mail-delivery-disruptions-spread-through-gta/ about the disaster that is Canada Post (covers both sides – labour and management, each of which furiously and moronically blames the other for everything wrong with the universe — you’ve just got to see Canada Post mouthpiece John Hamilton straight-out lying to CITY News. In this important item you can see the very best in Canada Post and CUPW obfuscation to us, their bosses (for whom no one in Canada Post/CUPW has a miligram of respect). There are also many tweets to CITY News in reaction, some very good from the we hardpressed victims, others (sad to say) from the foaming-at-the-mouth Canada Post factions.

Both sides are picking our pockets of billions in taxation for which mail delivery supposedly is the end result. So where’s our mail (no mail today for CANAV, by the way)!

CANAV again challenges Canada Post and CUPW to face the fact that they are no longer capable of doing the simple, age-old task of delivering mail (although they sure do get the pizza flyers delivered). So … do something somebody, even if it means contracting the Bangladeshi Post Office with its excellent business model. Get some decent people in who enjoy a solid day’s work for a fair paycheque. Dump the labour and management yahoo potentates, who are blinded by such a loathing for one and other that our mail ends up in long-term storage,while they take another sick day due to their feelings having been hurt, or whatever.

February 7 A fistful of mail today including several orders — orders that should have been shipped by now!

February 14 Today CITY News in Toronto reported on the on-going mail delays. In typical fashion, the Harper Government laughed this off. Of course, what else would the bozos do. It’s their way — insult and belittle the people of Canada at every opportunity. Do yourself and Canada a favour and do not vote next time for that arrogant potentate Harper or any of his underlings. Here is CITY News’ excellent report:

The Conservatives faced questions on Friday about delayed mail delivery and ongoing problems with Canada Post.

During Question Period in the House of Commons, Scarborough-Rouge River MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan said she and her counterparts from across the GTA have been fielding complaints from their constituents about the apparent backlog.

“After the ice storm, Toronto experienced widespread mail delivery delays. It took Canada Post weeks to respond,” Sitsabaiesan said.

“Well Mr. Speaker constituents from across my riding are still reporting mail delays and I’m not alone. MPs from all over Toronto are fielding complaints. When a two-day delivery turns into a six-day delivery, cheques arrive late and bills don’t get paid … What is the minister doing to fix the mail delivery delays in Toronto?”

The government again said Canada Post’s operations were not in its purview.

“I would simply point out that Canada Post Corporation is an independent Crown corporation,” said Jeff Watson, parliamentary secretary to the minister of transport.

“It operates arms-length from the government and is responsible for its day-to-day operational decisions including these. If [Sitsabaiesan] has a service complaint, she may want to direct it to Canada Post.”

Canada Post, meanwhile, continues to say there are no problems with its service and at most there may be delays of one to two days. It claims weather and absenteeism is to blame.

CityNews continues to receive a flood of emails and phone calls from angry citizens who say they aren’t receiving mail. CityNews has heard complaints from downtown Toronto to Guelph, from Windsor to as far as Saskatoon as stories about late mail fill the newsroom inbox.

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