Canada Post Starts Practicing Early for Its Back-to-the-Stone-Age Mail Delivery Cutbacks

ImageCanada Post seems to have lost sight of its proud history and vital mission. For more than a century the mail has been brought to the door by letter carriers having tremendous pride in their work. Everyone used to understand that such a healthy postal state of affairs was one of the true emblems of a civilized/advanced society.

Back in “the good ol’ days”, for a postie to miss a day on his walk/route was unthinkable, so it’s sad to read in the Toronto Star of January 8, 2014 how whole GTA neighbourhoods now can be denied mail. The Star reports:

What has happened to the mail? It’s a question occupying the minds of Isabel Ward, a retiree who has yet to receive her Metropass; Peter Stiegler, an accountant in need of tax documents to help his clients; and Russell Bennett, a self-employed father anxiously awaiting cheques to pay the rent and support his family.

These trod-upon Canadians, who have paid for their postal service in advance, have gone without mail since before Christmas. The Star adds that they have received no clear answer as to why their mail has stopped. Of course, Canada Post now is falling back on the ice storm to excuse its miserable, low-down behavior. Very convenient, that ice storm

And get this … according to the Star’s research, should a postie take a vacation these days, his/her walk may not necessarily receive mail service until the postie returns from down south. Can you imagine … only in Canada, eh! As if there aren’t good, solid citizens on the bread line who’d love a chance to fill in.

In 2013 Canada Post “re-organized” by reducing staff and doubling up on letter carrier duties. I spoke today with a letter carrier who now has to 1) sort her mail for delivery 2) empty street mail boxes, then drop off that mail for “sortation” 3) deliver 100s of parcels and special items to franchise postal outlets 4) deliver the mail on her walk 5) sort and deliver the small parcels previously handled by a separate operation. Initially, many letter carriers were so overburdened under this goofy new “strategy”, that CANAV  was receiving mail as late as 9:00 in the evening. When I complained to Canada Post, its solution was to call in my postie to rake him over the coals! Talk about Alice in Wonderland, eh.


Besides hard-pressed postal workers away down the food chain from Canada Post HQ on Riverside Drive in Ottawa, it’s “the little people” struggling to make their daily living in retail, mail order (that’d be CANAV Books, for one), etc., who are hurting most from the corporation’s blatant insouciance. Yet we are the actual owners and true masters of Canada Post. So are we being screwed around or what!

Is the Star’s stark report about this Ottawa botch-up too complicated for Canada Post and the Harper Government to comprehend? Are they all so stoned in their culture of grandiose salaries, expense accounts, airborne Taj Mahals, entitlements, pensions, etc., that a failing postal service goes unnoticed?

And what about Canada Post CEO, Deepak Chopra, who takes home a pretty $500,000+ annually before bonuses, etc., while his department fails pitifully in conducting the absolutely simple task of delivering door-to-door mail dependably? The CEO’s solution? Let’s simply have no more such mail. Perfect … let the peasants eat cake, right, Deepak.

Perhaps it is time for Canada Post to start emulating the Bangladesh Post Office, whose mission statement is simply, succinctly and brilliantly stated: “Bangladesh Post Office is a government-owned department dedicated to provide a wide range of postal products and public services. It is the premier national postal communication service holding together a vast country with a large population. Bangladesh Post Office is committed to provide a speedy, reliable and regular service to the people of all walks of life at a reasonable cost.” I’ll bet the BPO does a super job, so do you think maybe we can set up a Bangladesh postal subsidiary at Riverside Drive to re-train Canada Post in the fine details of delivering the mail?


Kindly tell us what you plan to do about this disgraceful situation, Stephen Harper and Deepak Chopra (CUPW can also feel free to chip in to straighten out this mess). You’ve got to know that the mail is essential to Canada’s economic health. In another country with this grave a problem, heads would role, perhaps a few arrests would have to be made. Please get on it today and thank you for this! We little people are expecting results, and a solution tomorrow won’t be soon enough (and don’t forget … CANAV Books presently has four days of mail overdue/pending).

~ Larry Milberry, Publisher

PS good readersno mail delivery today (January 9) for CANAV’s part of M4E 3B6, so tomorrow Canada Post will owe us 5 days worth of mail, i.e. desperately needed business. Today, I again tried connecting with my inside contact (supervisor Tom) at Canada Post in Toronto. He seems to have missed my voice mail of two days ago. Today, his line (416) 360-1973 x 2017 goes dead after ringing twice. Unable to deal with this crisis, Canada Post (it seems)  has resorted to hunkering down in its underground shelters.

PPS … be sure to catch Rick Mercer’s January 17, 2014 rant on CBC TV about Deepak Chopra’s Folly. It’s too good, especially where Rick reminds Canada Post that “we the people” are the real corporate boss (not that Ottawa will ever get it, or ever care).

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