Aviation in Canada: The Noorduyn Norseman, Vol 2 at the printer!

ImageBig news from CANAV … Aviation in Canada: The Noorduyn Norseman, Volume 2 is at the printer. It goes on press November 7 and will be shipping to you the following week. By now you know how this routine goes at CANAV, right. Download the order form for all the “gen” about “Norseman 2” and a reminder about Vol.1, which so many of you already are enjoying (click on any photo to see it full size).

Hello aviation businesses … give some thought to using some of CANAV’s great titles as gifts and incentives this season for your employees, retirees, suppliers and customers. More businesses now are using our world-class books this way. The reasons are simple and just make too much good sense: a book has a lot more impact and staying power than your traditional 26er or box of cigars (yesterday’s gift ideas). For a change, give something with some intellectual, cultural and simple common sense value (think saving money).

Besides “Norseman 2”, check out the  fabulous new books by Chris Hadfield, and the excellent $60 deal if you’re ordering both. You followed Chris during his recent tour as Commander of the International Space Station, so these are sure to have a special place in your library. Download the order form here.

Chris’ book launch for “Astronaut’s View”  on October 29 was highlighted by him seeming to be everywhere in the media. Treat yourself and track down some of these super Chis Hadfield interviews — they are inspiring! First off today, I heard Chris on CBC “Q”, while driving down the 404 from my warehouse in Aurora in my ’93 Towncar “Bookmobile” carrying 1000 pounds of CANAV books . Next, I caught him on CBC “Strombo”, finally, after supper, on Steve Paikin’s  fabulous TVO show “The Agenda”. Definitely mark these on your “to do” list — the sooner the better. They’ll be somewhere on the web. Do this, then order the books, right!


Finally, also attached is CANAV’s Fall 2013 Booklist. This is Canada’s best mail order aviation list. It’s loaded with top-notch titles and excellent deals — it even has a free book offer! This season you still can get $60 off Air Transport in Canada,  $45 of Fighter Squadron (441 Sqn) and $109 off a set of Canada’s Air Force at War and Peace. So … looking for a knock-out of a gift for any special aviation fan? Well, you won’t do better anywhere (believe it or not …  used copies on the web usually are pricier).

Any questions? Send me an email — larry@canavbooks.com. Good reading to all from ye old scribe at CANAV … Larry

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