Hot picks for the Holidays: CANAV’s Winter/Spring Booklist 2012-2013

JUST RELEASED! CANAV’s new list of premier aviation and miscellaneous titles. Download your copy here. Yukon Wings is the new lead title — just a magnificent presentation about people, planes and events never yet given their proper place in Canadian aviation history. Take a good look and you’ll certainly find something for your aviation history bookshelf or to use as special gifts. There are scads of great bargains, including for some of CANAV’s classic best-sellers at half price.

UPDATE: April 27, 2015. Please note that CANAV is no longer is listing Yukon Wings. For your copy please now see Amazon or such internet bookstores as, or contact author Bob Cameron at

DON’T MISS the free book offer at the bottom the main CANAV list. Thanks as usual and happy reading!

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