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 Early Canadian Military Aircraft: Acquisitions, Dispositions, Colour Schemes & Markings

This wonderful new book is Volume 1 “Aircraft Taken on Strength through 1920.” Published by Terry Higgins of Aviaeology, this one has long been anticipated. Begun decades ago by the great John Griffin, the project gradually evolved through John’s years in Ottawa. But it ended up dormant due to the lack of a publisher. Periodically we in the CAHS would hear a rumour that the material might be getting into print, perhaps via the War Museum or the National Aviation Museum, but nothing ever happened.

Even after John suffered a stroke, he continued working on his research. When he passed away, his collection was donated in 2008 to the Office of Air Force Heritage and History, and now resides in Winnipeg. Not long afterwards, Terry Higgins put a team together that included Tony Stachiw, Andrew Tatersall and Carl Vincent to get this volume produced.

This is a book for the true aficionado of Canadian aviation. Volume 1 will satisfy any such a fan. The subject matter is the original Canadian Air Force aircraft types taken on strength immediately after WWI — Avro 504K, Bristol Fighter, Curtiss HS-2L and JN-4, D.H.9, etc. Each type is described as to CAF and RCAF service and all the variations are covered. Many anecdotes from training and operations are included in the massive text.

Intricate details are given for all the paint schemes and individual airplane markings. Wonderful colour 5-views are splashed throughout the pages, and there also are detailed multi-view line drawings. You will revel in this book, if you have the slightest interest in the CAF/RCAF.

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Early Canadian Military Aircraft: Acquisitions, Dispositions, Colour Schemes & Markings Specifications: 288 pages, large format, hardcover, photos galore, maps, charts, glossary, index. Sticker price is $59.00, CANAV price $55.00 + $12.00 Canada Post + $3.35 GST = Cdn$70.35 cheque or PayPal. USA and Overseas Cdn$80.00. CANAV Books, 51 Balsam Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4E 3B6

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