The Book Review Hangs In

Some people are saying that the book and the book review are both dead. After all, so many newspapers and magazines have dropped their review columns — even the great Legion Magazine no longer runs book reviews. Even more startling, some of the best UK aviation magazines have jumped on the “Let’s dumb everything down” wave and have abandoned covering the current aviation literature scene. How pitiful, but editors and publishers continue to buy into the stupid view that “Nobody reads books any more, so we can use that space to review something really intellectual like the latest flight simulator games.” Give us a break!

Happily, the occasional review still is turning up. Terry Higgins of Aviaeology in Kitchener has published some exceptional books. A serious aviation history fanatic and meticulous publisher, his titles include Canadian Aircraft of WWII (Carl Vincent) and (recently) Early Canadian Military Aircraft (John Griffin and Tony Stachiw). Any true fan of Canada’s aviation past would not quibble for a second in adding these to the bookshelf. Treat yourself and have a look at

Here is Terry’s in-depth review of CANAV’s current title Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force. This has just come out in Vol.48 No.1 of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal. By now you really ought to be on the “Aviation in Canada” band wagon. Why? It’s simple … contrary to the word that a lot of dopes are mindlessly spouting these days (no apologies to the dopes) everything is not on the internet. In-depth aviation aficionados know this. These are the folks who simply cannot imagine a world without good books … they want it all.

So thank you Terry for “tearing apart” Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force in such a way as to make the poor old author’s Canada Day extra fine!

Many are wondering, “So where is ‘Aviation in Canada’ Vol.4”? Hold on, it’s almost ready for the printer. The last part of the book is in galleys with my proof readers. Final corrections should be done in 2-3 weeks, then come indexing, a quick final look, and off to the printer it goes. Aviation in Canada: Bombing and Coastal Operations 1939-1945 ought to be in your hands by the end of September. Check canavbooks.wordpress or in about a month for further new.

Happy Canada Day!

Larry Milberry

Download review here or read it below:

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