CANAV Books is pleased to announce Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force

Following Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades and Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years, it’s safe to say that our new series is now well launched. Aviation in Canada: The RCAF Overseas 1939-1945 is in the works for publication next spring. Not a bad picture so far for this wee 1-man band, and I’m confident that the series will go on for several other volumes.

Thanks to all my solid supporters as I push ahead with this project. There’s almost no outside support for what I am doing, and no one in official Ottawa could give a hoot — count on that ( I’m sure you understand how that goes). Without you fairly-few dedicated readers, I wouldn’t have a hope of getting the next book into print.

CANAV needs a whole lot of you other folks to do something positive and completely edifying! Who are you? You’re the good citizens who like to complain that “no one cares about our aviation heritage”. You’re the fellows who have been slapping me on the back at all those aviation functions over the decades saying, “Good show, old boy. Where would we be without you, you deserve a gong.” And all that hot air. Yet you’re the same fellows who get all cramped up when it comes to writing a cheque for a book. Forget about all those shop-worn excuses: “I’m running out of room.” … “If I bring home another book, the wife’ll kill me.” … “I’m too old to read any more.” … and my favourire — “I’ve never bought a book in my life and have no intention of spoiling my perfect record.” Good grief, chuck all that guff and, failing all else, donate a book to a school, a library, a grandchild — there are plenty of absolutely brilliant reasons.

Breeze through the editorial, then go through the booklist — it’s one of the best you’ll find, if you truly enjoy and support Canadian aviation history. Besides all the world-famous CANAV titles, you’re sure to find others that will make perfect summer reading and bolster your Canadiana library.

I’m hoping that you have the first two titles already: ACPD and ACFY. If not, you’re invited to leap aboard the “Aviation in Canada Express”.  I’m ready to autograph your books and fire them off. While you’re at it, check back in the blogs to see the latest in book reviews and various other zany topics. See p.4 of the book list to check out “Bargain time” and to see how you now can use PayPal, should you like to shop that way.

Cheers … Larry Milberry, publisher
Member, Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame
Hon. Fellow Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

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