CANAV Books announces …

Vol. 2 of Marc-André  Valiquette’s history of Avro Canada is now available!

If you enjoyed Marc-André’s excellent Vol. 1 “Destruction of a Dream” covering Avro Canada from WWII to the Arrow, you won’t be disappointed in Vol.2 “Supersonic Dreams – At the Dawn of a New Era”.

At Marc-André's book launch under the Arrow replica at the Canadian Air and Space Museum in Toronto, February 20, 2010: aviation photographer Richard Girouard (Chicoutimi), renowned Canadian aviation artist Peter Mossman (Toronto), CANAV Books publisher Larry Milberry (Toronto), full-out "aviation everything" aficionado Robert St-Pierre (Montreal) and Marc-Andre (Montreal). (photo by Terry Mossman)

This is an excellent presentation of the Arrow period from test flying and development of the Iroquois engine (test flying it on a B-47, etc.) all the way to cancellation and the arrival of the Bomarc.

Marc-André delivers his excellent Avro lecture at the CASM at Downsview on February 20, 2010. (photo by Richard Girouard)

Beautifully produced as per Vol.1, still 96 pages, but Vol.2 is a hardcover at almost no extra cost. Regularly $25.00, order your copy from CANAV at $22.50 + $10.00 for Canada Post + $1.62 GST = $34.12. (USA and overseas Cdn $35.00 postpaid)

Vol. 1 still available at $20.00 + $10.00 + $1.50 = $31.50 (USA and overseas Cdn $35.00 postpaid)

Pay with any personal cheque or money order drawn on any Canadian or US bank. To use PayPal contact and CANAV will e-mail you a PayPal invoice. You’ll love these two books, so get on board!

Robert, Larry, Marc-Andre and Richard having too much fun on book launch weekend down at Quigley's in the Beach. (photo by Denis)

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