Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years — Quelques Bons Mots

Plein Vol cover Oct. 2009Our readers and reviewers are, as always, on the ball. With Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years they are liking what they are reading. In Colorado Springs, George Sweanor, a WWII veteran of Bomber Command and newsletter editor for 971 RCAF Air Marshal Slemon Wing, Air Force Association of Canada, goes out of his way. George writes of Formative Years:

“To me, this book is a treasure trove of long-forgotten, or dimly remembered, aircraft, personnel and publications that meant so much to me as a boy … All of Larry’s books … are national treasures that tell, in a most readable fashion, an amazing story of accomplishment through failures, hardships, and sheer determination.”

Also sold on Formative Years is Bob Petite, one of the world’s top helicopter historians (Bob is completing a worldwide history of the Bell 47 and is a columnist for a  leading helicopter journal — Mike Reyno’s Canadian-published Vertical) Here are Bob’s “bons mots”:

“I hope that all is well and your book sales are moving right along on “The Formative Years”. I just finished reading it over the last week since it arrived … You really covered the bush flying days in detail. I particularly enjoyed the parts on the far north and on the OPAS. I have been to Fort Vermilion, the snye, and there are several lakes NE of Slave Lake named after McConachie, Berry and Brintnell. Your book brought back lots of fond memories of my flying on forestry work in northern Alberta. Well done Sir.”

Thank you both, gentlemen, and thanks also to Pierre Gillard, professor of aviation at the Ecole nationale d’aéronautique at St-Hubert, Quebec. Pierre’s penchant for helicopter history did not impede him as he digested Formative Years, then penned his book review for Quebec’s leading aviation journal, Plein Vol. Here it is for our French-reading audience. Thanks for reading on and spread the good news about Pioneer Decades and Formative Years!

Larry Milberry

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