Rave reviews for “Aviation in Canada”

Terry Higgins of Aviaelogy, publisher of Carl Vincent’s excellent new Canadian Aircraft of WWII, let’s it all hang out about CANAV’s “Aviation in Canada” titles, Pioneer Decades and Formative Years:

Just spent a great evening cruising the captions and photos in both books. Some pretty interesting and esoteric stuff in there. I’m learning a ton or two. Thanks for having the guts and gumption to put these tomes together. Looking forward to the next one for sure… The Formative Years will likely be my first “beyond captions” read of the two. Looks like it’s gonna be the best in that genre since Bent Props and Blow Pots. Have to tell ya, I’m really looking forward to some good armchair time later this evening … I had a flip through the very newest one … made me want to knock off work early today.

Meanwhile, Propliner Magazine’s renowned editor, Tony Merton Jones, puts in his own two cents worth:

Many thanks for that glorious copy of Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years, which arrived a couple of weeks ago. Once again, the detail, information and photographs are remarkable, and it really makes for a fascinating read.

So … resist no longer — get your order in for these spectacular new books. Meanwhile, see canavbooks.com for all the latest titles and ordering info. For fans of WWII reading, check out the superb new biography of RCAF Spitfire pilot Philip Vickers — Surviving Victory.

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