Introducing … Canadian Aircraft of WWII, by Carl Vincent

Canadian Aircraft of WWII - cover

Here is Vol.1 of a new series from AviaDossier and you’ll really be wanting this book

At 72 pages, softcover, large format, Canadian Aircraft of WWII (AviaDossier I) features an eclectic selection of 19 RCAF WWII types from the Blackburn Shark to the Bolingbroke, Delta, Hudson, Kittyhawk, Lysander, Mustang, Stranraer and Sunderland. Each chapter is rich in photos, colour profiles and the written word. Modelers will especially appreciate this handsome production.

All this comes great material comes from the renowned Carl Vincent, the Canadian pioneer in publishing major aviation profiles — his 1970s era books on the Shark and Liberator/Flying Fortress in RCAF service, which have been sought-after collectors items for decades. Carl’s publisher, Terry Higgins, has produced the beautifully complementary colour profiles.

Get your hands on this beauty and you’ll be chaffing at the bit for Vol.2, whenever it appears. Specs: 72 pages, biblio, glossary, appendix & index. Regularly $29.95, CANAV’s mailorder price (Canada only, others enquire by email): $25.00 + $9.00 post + GST = $35.70. You can order by PayPal — just email us at and we’ll make that happen for you via a PayPal invoice.

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