Bob Bogash’s dream comes true

All Bob Bogash’s hard work has finally paid off! The Super Connie has been reassembled and placed in Boeing’s Plant II. For details on the re-assembly, check here. To read about the entry into Plant II hangar, check here.

4 responses to “Bob Bogash’s dream comes true

  1. Bob,

    When you move onto the B-314 let me know. She is not off Honolulu as advertised, rather closer to the sound cut in two by a light carrier in arounf 1946. She is relativekly deep water and probably would be reached by an ROV

    There is another one at West 100 off Bermuda, cut in two by a USCG cutter attempting to rescue the crew and passenger (ran out of fuel). She is in about 200 Fath of water. I think she was the Dixie Clipper that ferried Churchill throughout the war.

    I looked aorund Baltimore for parts and other objects from the Clipper’s but found noting to date. As you might recall, actually several were cut up at the Baltimore break yards in the late 40’s early 50’s (purchased to be used for christian mission flights).

    I would like to help were I can. Yes, I was 8 years at Boeing Seattle, then moved to Virginia.

    Very Respectfully,

    Kenneth J. Strafer

    Enduring Pride.Org

    10 Jan 2010

    • The Pacific airplane is sunk in 17,000 ft of water about 650 miles east of Hawaii – sunk by 20mm gunfire from the USN Seaplane tender San Pablo. We have the exact position of the sinking. It is NC18601 – the Honolulu Clipper, which was also the Prototype – and is the airplane we hope to locate and recover.

      The Atlantic airplane was NC18612 – the Capetown Clipper – the last of the total of 12 built- flying at the time as the Bermuda Sky Queen. It was also sunk by 20mm gunfire from the USCGC Bibb.

      I gave a talk on this subject at the Museum on Feb 13 – over 500 people attending made it the biggest presentation in the history of the Museum,

      Lots more info here:

      Lots more info

  2. Bob,

    As being a aviation electrician in the Navy (1960-1963) stationed in Barbers Point in Ohau, Hawaii. Our squardron was charged with flying radar cover for the Dew Line(Midwayto Alaska and back) flying Super Connie’s as radar picket. Fly time was from 19 Connie to 21 hrs. We carried a crew of 21 and were on a schedule of every four hours around the clock. This schedule was from 1958 -1964 and had 34 radar Connie’s in our squardon. As a flight electician I was responsible for all electric systems on the Connie. Members of the squardron as restored our Connie at Rantoul, Ill. Air museum (old Chatue Air Force Base) We also have a web site called “

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