From the Wilf White collection…

Wilf White collection - Super Connie taxiingWilf White collectionThrough the 1950s-60s and into the 2000s, Scotland’s great photographer, Wilf White, covered the scene at Glasgow, Prestwick and many other UK and Canadian airports. Here are two more of Wilf’s fine images showing TCA Super Connie CF-TGE, which we’ve been featuring lately. First, it’s seen arriving at Prestwick; then departing, perhaps heading down to London, or beginning the long return trip “across the pond” to Gander, Montreal and Toronto.

Two More Classic Wilf White Pix…

Wilf White collection

TCA Super Connie CF-TGE arriving. (Wilf White collection).

Nordair DC-4 CF-IQM circa 1958 awaiting departure at Prestwick, as well-wishers gather in the public viewing area to see off their friends and family. In 2009 CF-IQM still was active in the Buffalo Airways fleet in Yellowknife. Then, Seaboard World Airlines swingtail CL-44 N124SW is seen roaring off, the backdrop being Prestwick’s famous Scottish Aviation complex. This beautiful propliner ended its days with a wheels-up landing at Miami in January 1982. The Wilf White Propliner Collection, published by CANAV Books, is a tribute to Wilf’s spectacular photography. It’s a book that any sincere fan of the great era of prop airliners will treasure. Usually $40.00++, in 2021/22 you can order a copy all-in for $40.00 Canada, $45.00 USA, $50.00 Int’l. Pay in Canadian dollars to or post any cheque on any Canadian or US bank to CANAV Books, 51 Balsam Ave., Toronto Canada M4E3B6

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