Super Connie: “Safe at home!”


Super Constellation CF-TGE arrives at Seattle's Museum of Flight. (Bob Bogash)

The following is an update from Bob Bogash on bringing the Constellation CF-TGE to Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

It was Saturday, 9 July 2005, when I began the task of bringing this airplane to the Museum. Since that memorable day, I’ve worked pretty near full-time on this project. From bone-shilling cold weeks in frigid Toronto to wrestling with lawyers and bureaucrats and busted budgets, there were more than a few occasions when I went to sleep wondering if this would ever actually happen. But – it did – a lot of minor miracles, and some big ones along the way – to arrive at this exact time and place — 50 months and we’re finally “Safe at Home!”

The photo story of the airplane’s arrival at the Museum can be found here. The last of the trip story can be found here. I will provide coverage as the airplane is reassembled, which can all be found on my homepage,

Happy Landings!

~ Bob Bogash

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