Destruction of a Dream: Valiquette’s new book

SOS … For copies of this great series, please contact Marc-André at Avro Book MAV Rev.A Cheers … Larry,  January 2021

Attention Avro fans: Marc-Andre Valiquette has just released his new book Destruction of a Dream: The Tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow. This is Vol.1 of a 3-part series and you’ll notice right away what a very good job Marc-Andre has done. First of all, this 96-page, large format soft cover is extremely attractive. Nice lay-out and a top-notch production job. You’ll find many new photos and new takes re. the well-worn Avro Canada story. Marc-Andre starts in National Steel Car days in 1938. So you’ll see something about Lysanders and Ansons, then Lancasters. A nice Jetliner section follows, then lots about the CF-100 and into the Arrow era. Various stillborn projects also are covered, including the CF-103. You’ll read about CF-100 topics that I never even heard of while researching my own CF-100 book 30+ years ago, e.g. a photo of a CF-100 carrying a Genie rocket (which later armed the F-89 and F-101). This is really a decent effort all ’round and is even in both official languages for your edification (this in no way detracts from the book’s appearance, so not to worry). If you follow Canada’s great aviation heritage, let alone the Avro saga, you’ll be happy you ordered this great series for yourself. Have fun! Larry Milberry, publisher

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