A “Good Show” from Dr. Jack Granatstein

Picture 1After grumbling recently about how hard it is to scrounge up a book review in Canada these days, publisher Milberry relents. Here’s why: In his column “Views off the Shelf” in the the May-June edition of Legion Magazine, staff book reviewer, Dr. Jack Granatstein, features CANAV’s two latest titles – Canada’s Air Forces on Exchange and Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades.

Granatstein eases into his CANAV piece, finishing his commentary from the preceding review, by noting “A good job, this book … The same might be said for the books produced by the extraordinarily prolific Larry Milberry of CANAV Books.” So far so good, as our good man describes aviation publishing as a dicey sort of cottage industry. Then he starts right into it:

“The two latest volumes by Milberry are his Canada’s Air Forces on Exchange, which sells for $50, and Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades, also $50. Both have … hundreds of photographs of aircraft and individuals and wonderful colour sections. Canada’s Air Forces of Exchange is a truly specialist book, but those who are interested in Canadians who served with American, British, Australian, German and Dutch air forces will be astonished at the wealth of detail collected.

“Much more interesting for a general reader is Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades, which looks at the trailblazers of flight in Canada and devotes several chapters to the First World War, treating both training in Canada and combat overseas. The colour section in this book is long and superb, featuring restored and replica Great War aircraft, Allied and German…

“All the familiar names like Billy Bishop are here, but so are many who have become obscure over the decades. Bishop, incidentally, gets a fair, if slightly skeptical, hearing here that suggests Milberry remains to be convinced that he actually did shoot down all those German aircraft that earned him the Victoria Cross.”

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