A nice little write up in Cornwall’s Seaway News


Here is a recent editorial about Larry Milberry and CANAV Books, written by Nick Wolochatiuk of Cornwall’s Seaway News. Nick, Larry and a few other Toronto area high school kids comprised a little clique of “aviation hounds” beginning back in the late 1950s. They hung out at the airports taking photos, making and comparing notes, scrounging plane rides and just having the greatest fun. Today, Nick is a freelance columnist based in Williamstown, Ontario. He’s one of Canada’s great aviation “characters”, e.g. having flown in something like 300 different flying machines from homebuilts to blimps. He’s a versatile photographer, a naturalist, canoeist, educator, you name it! His column, which is so good that it needs to be syndicated one of these days, appears regularly at cornwallseawaynews.com. Have a look!

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