CANAV’s Select Spring Mailing

To you diehard readers left out there in the Canadian book-loving underground … here’s a great new book list. Good reading at great prices!

If you don’t yet have Vol.1 Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades in CANAV’s Centennial of Flight project, get a move on! Vol.2 Aviation in Canada: The Bush Flying Years is in production. See the full booklist at and … take note that CANAV’s book sale is extended to May 15.

Here by way of tidbits is what our ever-intelligent reviewers have been saying about Pioneer Decades:

Air Force Magazine (Fall 2008) “A treasure for anyone with an interest in Canada’s wonderful heritage in the air … The wartime chapters deliver in-depth coverage of the rapid advances engendered by world conflict at the dawn of modern aviation.”

Bob Merrick in COPA Flight (January 2009) “The abundant black and white photographs on virtually every page are astonishing … the colour gallery … in itself is worth the price of the book. The spectacular pictures perfectly supplement the tight, well-written, heavily researched narrative …”

David Baker in Aviation News (February 2009): “The narrative story is well written and easy to follow, logically connecting the images with the text – not always the case with history books .. a story that is both inspiring and worthy of expansive publication … to be welcomed and treasured.”

Pierre Gillard in Magazine Plain Vol (Février 2009): “… cet ouvrage devrait devenir une réfèrence incontournable et, par le fait même, se trouver dans toutes bibliothèque d’amateur d’aviation qui se respecte.”

Well, check out the great just-added titles in the CANAV cataogue:

[ ] For the Love of Flying (Metcalfe-Chenail). If you’ve enjoyed Austin Airways, Grumman Mallard, Bush to Boardroom, My Life in the North and other such Canadian bush flying classics, you need this new book about Ottawa-based Laurentian Air Service. From earliest times on Wacos and Norseman, FLOF covers the evolution of a great company. Beavers, Otters, Goose, Beech 18s and DC-3 follow along. All the key personnel and activities are covered, from sport fishing, hunting and air ambulance charters of early days, then into the bush on prospecting & forestry work, surveying, supporting megaprojects like the James Bay hydro development … nothing is missed. This book belongs in your aviation library! 224pp, sc, photos, maps, biblio, index. $30.95 $28.50 A (Available May ’09).

[ ] Camp Borden: Birthplace of the RCAF Here is one of the best base or squadron histories — Canada’s premier flying station from 1917 to the present. Camp Borden initially trains 100s of airmen to fight “over the front” in France. Students learn on Curtiss JN-4s, then soon are fighting in Camels, SE5s, HP100s, flying boats, etc. The story moves into early post-war Canadian Air Force days, then “Borden” becomes the first great RCAF station. All the details of the interwar years, then comes WWII. Again, Borden is the training heart of the RCAF, as eager students get their wings on Yales & Harvards. The post-WWII era is covered vividly right to the present, with 16 Wing Borden still a vital CanForces training centre. The great personalities and all the aircraft types are included, as is 400 Sqn, presently at Borden with Griffin helicopters. 202pp, hc, lf, photos (b/w + colour), art, biblio, index. A gem of a Canadian aviation book and a solid bargain! $37.50 A

[ ] In the Footsteps of First Canadian Army: Northwest Europe 1943-1945 (Brown & Gimblett). Important new book covering Canada’s largest WWII field command. Solid text supported by photos and maps. All the details as the Army takes part in the liberation phase of the war — from Normandy, through France, the terrible Scheldt, then the Rhineland. It’s all here for anyone interested in this incredible era for Canada. Complements Battle Zone Normandy (see next). 160pp, sc,. $25.00 $22.50 A (Available June ’09)

[ ] Battle Zone Normandy series. Don’t miss these top-notch titles detailing what took place on the beaches and at later hot-spots 65 years ago! Each book gives all the solid background to planning and executing each landing/operation, then come the details on the field, the outcomes and aftermaths. Much Canadian content. Wonderful “after the battle” treatment, including then and now photos. Very special books, not to be missed. Here are the subtitles and get them while they last: Juno Beach, Gold Beach, Sword Beach, Utah Beach, Caen, Orne Bridgehead, Falaise Pocket, Op’n Epsom, Op’n Cobra. Perfect complement to Footsteps (above)! Ea. 196pp, hc, photos, maps, battlefield tour tips, index. Ea. $34.95. CANAV Spec. $14.50 A

[ ] Dancing in the Sky:The Royal Flying Corps in Canada C.W. Hunt’s excellent new coverage of a major Canadian theme. How 20,000+ Canadians trained as pilots, observers and technicians at such bases as Camp Borden in 1917-18. The impact of this vital program in the air war “over the trenches” in all theatres. Includes the RFC (Canada) exchange program with the US in Texas. Perfectly complements Pioneer Decades and Camp Borden! 352pp, sc, photos, index. $25.00 B

[ ] Great Circles: The Keith Greenaway Story A young man’s WWII years in the RCAF, then how he becomes a key postwar R&D figure. He flies on USAF B-29s on top-secret Arctic LORAN missions. A stint at the Defence Research Board follows, he publishes ground-breaking works such as Arctic Canada from the Air, receives the 1952 McKee Trophy, then is involved developing the world’s first airborne, self-contained GPS. In 1954 he goes on exchange with SAC, crewing on the B-47, B-52 and KC-97, and taking part in mass aerial exercises practicing for WWIII. In 1958 he crews on a US Navy blimp to the Arctic. Later postings include top-level instructing, station commander and overseas air adviser. The Order of Canada and membership in Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame follow. Solid RCAF history for any true fan and a bargain at that! 314pp, hc, photos, endnotes, index. $30.00 B

[ ] Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stony Creek 1813 (Elliott). Many of you have been enjoying the War of 1812 series from Robin Brass Studio. Last season came Capital in Flames. Now here’s Strange Fatality, another that you’ll be pleased to add… all the gen about how 700 British and Canadian troops routed 3500 US invaders. 300pp, sc, ill, maps, biblio, index. $24.95 $22.50 B (Available May ’09)

[ ] Airline Confidential:Lifting the Lid of the Airline Industry Insiders Havers & Tiffney analyze the modern airline scene. Get informed & entertained at the same time with this excellent perspective taken over two long airline careers. 296pp, sc. $24.95 $12.50 B

[ ] The First World War Strachan. Every reader should have a good handy reference book covering WWI. Here is your chance to add the very book. This one covers all the background, theatres, each great battle, etc. Highly touted by the great John Keegan himself, so you should have a copy, esp. at today’s price! 362pp, pb, photos, notes, index. $17.95 $12.50 B

[ ] No Prouder Place: Canadians and the Bomber Command Experience 1939 – 1945 (Bashow). One of the best all-round titles covering an important RCAF era. Required for anyone seeking the solid facts — the groups and squadrons, the great and the ordinary airmen, the operations, the aircraft. Immense detail. 600pp, hc, lf, photos, art. $60.00 $25.00 A

[ ] Commando: Illustrated History of Britain’s Green Berets from Dieppe to Afghanistan (Harclerode & Reynolds). Carefully researched and beautifully presented history of these classic military specialists, a n elite group that has counted 1000s of Canadians over the decades. 272pp, sc, lf, photos, biblio, chron, index. $24.95 $15.50 A

[ ] Secrets of D-Day (Collins). As it says, with such topics covered as the planning, German advance preparations for an invasion, De Gaulle, Rommel, SAS, impact on civilian life, etc. 202pp, hc, photos. $22.95 $12.50 B [ ] Behind the Lines Miller. The inside story of British, Canadian and US special operations personnel 1939-45. From trains (Camp X included) to deployment, often to the agent’s doom – all topics are covered in this highly-rated title. 286pp, hc, notes, biblio, index. $23.95 $15.00 B

[ ] S.O.E.’s Ultimate Deception (Boyce). The story revealed – how the SOE planned near war’s end to destabilize Hitler’s regime by lies, deception and weakening it from the inside. A vital operation pulled off by the ever-secret SOE. 244pp, hc, photos, notes, biblio, index. $42.95 $16.50 B (both SOEs $28.50 B)

[ ] Letting the Side Down (Murphy). The story of British traitors of WWII. How some 200 misfits and losers “went over”, the damage they did, how they ended. Fascinating reading! 258pp, pb, photos, notes, biblio, index. $20.95 $12.50 B

[ ] British Warships of the Second World War Roberts. For the dedicated naval history reader. All the naval architectural info about RN ship classes from MTBs on up to Capital Ships. Blueprints are the heart of the book, then comes detailed narratives and all the fine details as to specifications. Many specific vessels included. 160pp, hc, ill, biblio, notes, index. $55.00 $18.50 A

[ ] Battle of the Atlantic Marc Miller’s award-winning history of this vital WWII theatre of action and the key role played by the RCN and RCAF in winning the U-boat war. On the RCAF side, top coverage of ops on the Hudson, Stranraer, Canso, Liberator. All the U-boat kills. 254pp, hc, photos, maps, gloss, biblio, index. $39.95 $24.50 B

[ ] Hunter-Killer:US Escort Carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic (W.T. Blood). Scholarly, in-depth coverage of this key element in controlling these waters and fending of the U-boat menace. Perfect complement to the Miller book. Details of kills (TBMs, etc.), lists. 320pp, sc, photos, app’x, notes, biblio, index. $18.95 $10.50 B

[ ] The Royal Navy Day by Day (Sainsbury & Phillips). A magnificent chronology of the RN from earliest times (as far back as the 1200s!) to the present. Absolutely required for any RN history buff, but a new treasure for anyone with a general yen for military history. Beautifully ill., vast index. A useful and lovely book! $81.95 $27.50 A

[ ] Mavericks of the Sky Fabulous history covering the pioneer years of the US air mail. Solid coverage by Rosenberg & Macauley. The start of it all in 1918 with D.H.4s and such war surplus planes. Establishing the routes, all the great pilots, then the many disasters. Any reader will love this one, esp. the aero philatelic folks and fans of the Golden Years. 340pp, hc, photos, notes, index. $25.95 $14.50 B

[ ] The Harrier Story The great Peter March has done this A-1, compact history of one of the world’s most unique & successful fighters. From earliest days of jet VTOL, birth of the Harrier, to the latest models. At war from the Falklands to Iraq. All versions + specs & chron. 122pp, hc, photos, chron. $18.95 $9.50 B

[ ] Carnegie:The Richest Man Alive (Lamont-Brown). A bio that everyone should read. The story of the great Andrew Carnegie. From boyhood in Scotland to his stellar rise as a captain of industry in America. His rail & steel empire, incalculable wealth and incomparable charity that extends globally to this day. $14.95 $9.50 B

Order Info Sticker price usually appears first, but you pay the discounted price shown in bold Enclose your cheque/MO + $9.00 shipping for titles coded “A”, $7.00 for “B”, then add 5%. Two or more books (a good idea): flat shipping rate $15.00. (sorry … no plastic).

Mail your order with shipping info to CANAV Books, 51 Balsam Ave., Toronto, Canada M4E 3B6 Tel (416) 698-7559, E-mail: larry at canavbooks dot com

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